Shoeing of Cattle

Demonstration in Kommern 2009

Pictures were made available by Richard Woodland

Shoeing of Cattle in France

Pictures of the ox-drover meeting in the Ecomusée d'Alsace 2008 by Anne Wiltafsky

Philippe Kuhlmann shoes Vosges oxen

multiple various hoofshoes / irons:

prefabricated irons

cannot be bought any longer nowadays; with stamped specifications as to size, side and an acronym for the producer

farrier - own iron

first iron with flaws


meant to be the backup for the first shoeing; benefits compared to prefabricated irons: individually customized and elaborately embossed hollow for the pad; soon realised downside: side clip is too small, so it is bent sideways through rotation while walking or being sharp, it slices into the sole, which is even worse

farrier - own winter iron (2)

due to growth larger; caulks this time inserted and smoothened on the side facing the hoof; again with hollow for pad

ancient iron

ancient iron

found in a field, it clearly shows the same traces of wear; the side clip here is small, but it is right besides the nailholes which are the farthest back; relatively small iron (for a small animal)

Bullock shoe; self made by Mathuranatha /Australia

bullock shoe

bullock shoe underside

Tied with leather ankle straps these shoes were used in road trips lasting for months with several oxen teams; the "missing" tip never amounted to a problem.